The best pepper mill I have ever used

I can’t express enough how glad I am that I listened to the positive reviews and made this purchase. I’ve used AT LEAST 5 different pepper grinders within the last year and NONE of them worked well enough for me to want to use on a regular basis. Some only put out a little pepper for tons of effort, some just clogged up after a few turns, one just didn’t work at all. NONE of these problems with the Oxo Good Grips Pepper Mill. You just turn the handle (which turns with VERY little effort) and you get a rainstorm of pepper all over your food in the coarseness of your desire! I would definitely recommend this best pepper mill for those with arthritis problems etc who love freshly ground pepper. It IS a large (about as thick around as a soda can) grinder, so you are forewarned. I really like the bottom cover and it’s very quick + easy to refill. Check out this!

OXO pepper mill

My only MINIATURE issue with this grinder is that when placing your hand around it, you have to make sure that your fingers do not END on the clear plastic part of the grinder (The mechanism of it will make the top end of the clear refill part of the grinder pop out and if it’s filled to the max you’ll have peppercorns falling out). However this small problem in my opinion does not merit the removal of a star or take away much from my love of this product. I will certainly update this review if the grinder does not stay as functional for a reasonable amount of time.

In the meantime, My plan for the near future is to buy at least two more of these grinders, one for my coarse sea salt (no more disposable sea salt grinder for me!) and one for a three-color mix of peppercorns.

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