Satisfied with my new slow cooker

best slow cooker to buy

I purchased this slow cooker based on some solid reviews on Amazon. I have used it once for a roast and it came out beautifully. The last slow cooker I owned was a Crock-Pot brand and I had it for many years. What I did not like about it though was that is ‘boiled’ food. The heat would be so intense that the ‘boil’ would be pretty steady and aggressive. I read another reviewers post on Amazon and that person noted that a key quality about this one was that it actually slow cooked and it did not ‘boil’ food and that person was RIGHT. This is a ‘true’ slow cooker. The crock is white and after having a black one for many years, I really appreciate the light color.

slow cooker

My only squabble about this is the chrome part around the glass lid seems a little cheap and/or a tad loose if you push on it a little. It is not a deal breaker for me because it retained moisture and heat VERY well but I wanted to mention it. Also, the lid needs to be positioned just so or there will be a wee gap around the crock. I suspect this is so moisture can build up and ‘seal’ it and also so it does not ‘boil’ food. All in all, really satisfied with this purchase. I do recommend to others. – Butterfly