This is an outstanding skillet you should consider

I have several Anolon Advanced pans and skillets and like them all very much. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with this set, but the pans are NOT as heavy as some of the other pans. I was initially disappointed by that since I really like the hefty feel of my other Anolon Advanced pans. That’s why I’m giving it a “Almost Great” rating.

I will say that the pans do seem to work just as well as the others I have. And the quality seems just as good. I DO wish, however, that it had been noted in the product write up that these pans are not the same thickness/weight as the others. So, if you are picky about things like that as I am, then this is your warning. If you don’t care about weight or thickness, then I’d say you will love these best skillets.

Again, the quality is there, the nonstick works great, and they are wonderful to work with. For those new to Anolon Advanced, be warned that you absolutely can NOT use high temps on any of the pans. Preheat your pans to a medium setting first and you’ll have the best results. These pans DO hold temperature really well and will get very hot, even on a medium setting. Enjoy! By Writer in Alaska

Check out the official site here.

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