Treat myself to a matching cookware set

calphalon cookware

When I moved to my new apartment, I decided to treat myself to a matching cookware set. I ended up with the Calphalon set and I couldn’t be happier. The set is very durable and after 6 months still looks great. I originally had the circulon set but really there is no comparison. Food doesn’t stick, these clean easy, heat is even, and it is affordable. The look of the set is very polished and clean. This alone is one of the main reasons I love the set. The weight is decent and the balance feel good when I’m holding the pot or pan.


The exterior is a little sensitive and these can and do scratch. They do show wear and tear after awhile as well but anything that is used will show wear. If you take care of it, then the set will likely last a long time. If you don’t treat these well, then they won’t last but that goes with anything. (Read: How to take care of your nonstick pots and pans)
I will have to reiterate because this is important information with this set:

Remember….NO dishwashers, NO metal utensils, NO harsh chemicals, NO abrasive scrubbers, NO cooking spray, NO stacking of pans, NO contact with other surfaces or the exterior WILL scratch

I would really give it a 4.5 but it isn’t perfect since the set is so sensitive. Calphalon definitely has built a brand with me though. I will likely check out more of their products over time because my experience with this set has been so positive.