An amazing ceramic cookware i’ve used

I don’t often write reviews, but I just have to rate this set of cookware. I greatly enjoy cooking, trying out new recipes. However, I don’t always stand at the stove, especially when I cook potatoes.

So, I left the boiling potatoes and went on my computer, but lost track of the time. Suddenly, the kitchen is filled with smoke and I can smell the horrible burned on potatoes. The water had completely evaporated and just left a black, crisp, burned in mass of potatoes.

I was mortified and sad, thinking that I’ve already ruined one of my beautiful new pots. I soaked it over night and to my amazement, everything came out and the pot wasn’t even damaged.

The only thing that remained was a very light smoke/burn coloring at the bottom of the pan. If you look at the pot though, you can’t tell that I once made charred potatoes with it!

I wish I could give this set 10 stars! I highly recommend it. I will never go back to stainless steel.

Plus, no matter what I cook, clean up is so fast and easy, I don’t even have to soak anything over night (unless it’s charred potatoes lol).

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