Amazing cookware set you can buy

I selected these pans after way too much emoting compared with the two other makes of multi-clad pans (but never tempted by All Clad). Truth is, both these and the Duxtop I would expect would work great – but in the end, I purchased this product, and I’m very, very happy.


As most of my life I had cooked on non-stick (Farberware professional Silverstone) pans, I was concerned about food sticking. I did my research (many good sites out there) and am glad to say – except for eggs, its just not a problem. I follow the rule to heat the pan some first before adding my oil, etc, don’t worry about initial food sticking – it really DOES unstick mostly after it cooks a bit more… and have grown to enjoy making gravy and sauces with the little bits on the bottom. The pans do clean up perfectly with soap and a light-duty scrubbie – though you can save almost all your labor by letting some water sit in them for a few minutes, and everything comes off (I use a Lunatec dishtowel, also from Amazon). If you need extra help in special cases, either a baking soda paste or bartenders friend works fine.

In return for this incremental trouble, you get to feel like a professional chef. The pans are works of art to behold, with a beautiful mirror finish, very thick and solid feeling, and, yes – the heat really DOES climb up the side compared with bottom heating pans. They are just beautiful to handle and use. The lids fit well, are heavy-duty and are well designed with a concave shape (sheds condensation down the sides) – I don’t end up wishing they were glass. I expect these pans to last a lifetime.

The one thing I don’t use these for are eggs – my suggestion is that people getting this set also acquire one or two ceramic or non-stick pans to be used just for that purpose. They will serve you well, and with use just for eggs will probably last a good while. So far, my pan collection includes this set, an extra 2 qt. Multiclad sauce pan, and (because a local store was selling it too cheaply to resist) a 5.5 qt. MultiClad pro casserole, and an 8 inch and 10 inch non-stick saute pans. This seems to meet everything I have needed so far.

I cook with induction, and the pans work great, and display very little “noise”, although I don’t have other pans to compare them with – not a factor either way. I could not be happier – and doubt that any other pan (AllClads included, which, yes, are wonderful pans too) would outperform or outlook.

At the three month point, all pans are looking almost “like new”, except where a) one or my daughters had used a metal fork for some reason, and b) where my other daughter used a stainless potato masher – each breaking the “perfection” in minor ways. And.. we now have a nice silicone-coated potato masher

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